The Business of Remote Production

By Brandon Costa, Director of Digital on December 21, 2018

The remote-production industry is constantly in a state of motion as remote-production–services providers strive to meet ongoing client needs, develop new facilities with an eye to the future, and make sure they are flexible enough to turn on a dime to meet client needs.

During a panel discussion at the 2018 SVG Summit, some of the remote-production industry’s most powerful personalities addressed some key questions: What are the current challenges in the remote-production business? How is the industry responding to those challenges? How can a world where live–sports-content production is exploding keep up with the demand?

The conversation featured Mary Ellen Carlyle, SVP/GM, Dome Productions; Philip Garvin, founder/CEO, Mobile TV Group; Pat Sullivan, president/founder, Game Creek Video; and Mike Werteen, president, NEP Broadcast Services. This session was moderated by Ken Kerschbaumer, executive director, editorial services, SVG.

Watch the session in its entirety:

Here are some highlights from the discussion:

The remote-production business is in a period of dramatic change. Major events are getting larger, at-home production is increasingly popular, and consolidation is making its way through the industry. Carlyle, Garvin, Sullivan, and Werteen offer their takes:

2018 was another year that saw NEP Broadcast broaden its already impressive portfolio with a series of strategic acquisitions. Werteen shares the philosophy behind the company’s recent moves and what he feels makes a good fit for an acquisition:

This session was sponsored by Canon.

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