Bryan Bray

Ross Video, Project Manager and ARVS Production Specialist

Bryan Bray is a live sports and entertainment production specialist in the collegiate sports market and live music industry. He has strong analytical, planning, and organizational skills to complement a creative drive that leads a production team from start to finish. Bray is also recognized nationally as a moderator and industry expert in the live production field with a proven track record of successful events. He has led production teams internationally, nationally, and locally with a broad connection with the other professionals in the industry.

For the last three NFL seasons, Bray was on the road with NBC’s Sunday Night Football as the producer of augmented reality content. He traveled to the game each week, set up the needed gear, and provided content as needed during the broadcast. His hard work culminated in leading the team for Ross’ participation in the NBC Sports production for Super Bowl LII.

Bray has been at the forefront of collegiate sports production for the past 27 years, holding leadership positions at both the University of Houston and Baylor University before joining Blue Scout Media at its inception in 2013. He has produced and directed coaches shows, nationally televised commercials, sports specials, live collegiate football/basketball/baseball games, and special university events during this tenure. Bray has won many awards for his work, served on the boards of several National Organizations (SVG, IDEA, CSVA), and is one of the founding fathers of the Collegiate Sports Video Association. He has also freelanced for many organizations: ESPN, Fox Sports, Van Wagner, IOC, HSE, the NFL, NCAA, SWC, Big 12, BSN, CBS, NBC, and PBS.

Featured in: Monday General Sessions: Remote Production Technology

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