David Edwards

IMT Vislink, Product Manager

David Edwards, product manager at IMT Vislink, has over 2 decades of experience in the world of video compression and transmission. With deep involvement in bringing to market some of the world’s first professional MPEG-4 AVC HD transmission systems and more latterly HEVC HD and 4k solutions, Edwards has real-world experience of the practicalities involved in balancing bit rate, quality, and latency to create solutions that meet real-world technical performance and commercial operational goals.

With a background as an RF design engineer, Edwards was instrumental in the design of the first direct conversion demodulator products that led to a size and cost revolution in the transmission of digital video. Edwards also has 5 patents to his name relating to methods of linearizing high-power amplifiers with the aim of improving received signal quality.

With a focus on technologies and solutions that bring content from major events into the broadcast food-chain, Edwards has held responsibility for many of the industry’s most successful video-centric transmission products that form the backbone of many networks.

Featured in: Venue Production Workshop (Monday)

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