Gary Olson

GHO Group, Managing Director

Gary Olson is one of the thought leaders in IP broadcast technology. He is an IP-broadcast designer, project executive, author, and trainer on media technology. An advisor specializing in the transition of traditional media technology, workflows, and business processes to computer-based IP and file technologies and workflows, he focuses on the adaptation of organizational structure, staffing models, and workflows to implement digital-media technology. Olson has substantial experience working with project sponsors and stakeholders to help them understand the changes associated with digital media platforms and file-based workflows. He is an industry thought leader with practical experience in the analysis, selection, and uses of technology, as well as an innovator in media technologies and broadcast design. Olson holds a U.S. patent in streaming media automation and distribution.

Olson’s book, Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility – A New Puzzle to Solve, is a comprehensive technical guideline for making sound decisions when implementing IP technology. He is a contributing writer to the Broadcast Bridge on IP technology and file based workflow, and the creator of online courses for SBE University and IABM on IP facility design. He was a contributing author in the 2016 SBE Broadcast Engineers Manual, as well.

Olson was named one of CIO Review‘s “Top 10 CIOs” in 2016 and recognized as one of the “30 Innovative CEOs to Watch” by Insights Success in 2017. In 2018, Insights Success named GHO Group one of the “10 Most Innovative Media and Entertainment Companies.”

Featured in: IP Production Workshop (Monday)

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