Jack Skinner

VICE Media, Product Manager, Media Technology

Jack Skinner is in his fourth year with VICE Media. During this time, he has worked on deploying a variety of technologies to help the largest youth media company in the world standardize and improve media workflows. Projects have ranged from story management for VICE News to the development and implementation of an international post-production network. With a constant eye on the “big picture”, Skinner has worked to not only succeed on individual initiatives, but ensure that each system or workflow iterates on and contributes to other work being done. The work of him and his team has been recognized by both the IBC and NAB conference awards, and his close work with vendors has resulted in new products and features going to market.

Prior to working at VICE, Skinner worked in video production and post in the Baltimore area. He has degrees in film and video production from Towson University and philosophy from the University of Maryland. When not managing media, he can be found contemplating the trolley problem with his plants in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC.

Featured in: Sports Content Management Workshop (Monday)

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