Ray Thompson

Avid, Director, Broadcast and Media Solutions Marketing

Ray Thompson has 25 years of business development, sales, and product management/marketing experience focused on sports, media (broadcast and film), and esports. He developed an IP live streaming platform strategy for sending SD, HD, and 4K video over a standard IP connection from anywhere to anywhere at broadcast quality and at low latency to mobile/web. Thompson was also a driver in the transformation of a start-up software company from a video editing focus for sports to content licensing and management/distribution of college sports assets via the web to college sports fans.

Thompson executed the release of a high-performance graphics chip, landing a large-scale bid as the primary provider of graphics processor for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. He further penetrated the media/entertainment space for a Fortune 500 technology company, developing an ISV echo-system and creating a solutions-based approach to selling. He has a vital leadership role in the full-phase startup of a software company reaching $26M in annual revenue, playing his role in the positioning and sale of the company.

Thompson is co-author of a patent for assigning game data to a universal time clock on traditional and IP-based streams for the purposes of the automated creation of highlights across user-specified samples of games (video), the creation of edits for the purpose of recruiting and scouting, and for reporting based on game statistics with a drill down to video capability.

Lastly, Thompson developed a 3D real-time motion capture application that is able to measure athletes down to the sub-micron level. He leverages a game relationship with EA sports to develop simple UI and incorporate real NFL and college playbooks/behavior into the Madden game engine for the purposes of high school, college, and pro athlete development, pre-hab and rehab.

Featured in: Sports Content Management Workshop (Monday)

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