Tony Kuck

Daktronics, Strategic Product Manager

Tony Kuck has spent his entire career, 25+ years, at Daktronics delivering solutions that transform stadiums and arenas into destinations that fans want to return to over and over again. Currently serving as a strategic product manager focusing on live event control systems, Kuck is part of a team that delivers “streets to the seats”, venue-wide, turn-key solutions for LED control, live video, graphics, data, and system integration. Balancing power with ease-of-use provides a control solution that is great for today’s big events, as well as all secondary events.

Kuck brings years of industry experience, expertise, and relationships to customers looking for live event solutions. For years, he developed and led a team specializing in statistics and scoring interfaces for almost every major and minor league sport, both domestic and international. These capabilities helped Daktronics with projects in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NASCAR, PGA Tour, Winter and Summer Olympics, and many other sports applications. Kuck also specialized in developing integration with third party vendors, such as broadcast character generators, venue fire alarm systems, captioning, and other systems in order to deliver an integrated, one button control system for the industry.

Kuck was the inventor of Daktronics’ patented StatVision technology, the only intelligent interface that recommends and displays the most relevant statistics and scoring based on the current game status. StatVision delivers the best data for the situation, driving the fan experience with something they cannot get at home watching television.

Kuck's current focus continues to be how best to package technology, automation, next-gen stats, and integration into a solution that advances the stadium experience, while working to reduce complexity, thus making things easier to operate.

Featured in: Venue Production Workshop (Monday)

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